We also provide a professional maintenance service which is similar to a basic winter service:

Some highlights of the service:

• Horn operation
• Seatbelt functions
• Handbrake condition
• All exterior main lights/indicators
• Oil levels (topped up as necessary)
• Brake fluid levels
• Screen wash levels (topped up as necessary)
• Fan-belts
• Battery level/security/battery charge rate
• Bodywork damage
• Shock absorbers
• Drive-shaft condition
• Steering-rack condition
• Exhaust condition/exhaust mountings
• Tyre tread depth/condition and pressures checked (including spare tyre)
• Short road test

The above items are of great importance and should not be neglected. There are a number of important items which are looked at during the inspection but do not appear on the list above.


• No more surprise major repair bills
• Less vehicle down time
• Increased fuel efficiency
• Increased residual values
• The report can be used as part of the vehicle's service history
• Advance warning of the need for maintenance, thereby assisting in the meeting of budget requirements
• As a third party will be checking your vehicle, you will be made aware of the current condition of your vehicle
• Additional peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle(s) are running in a good roadworthy condition
• You will also be informed of any bodywork defects or any apparent corrosion.

This concept was designed to keep you, the motorist on the road. We hope that the service provided will help you to recognise the need to have your vehicle inspected, and raise awareness as to the importance of vehicle maintenance.

We are committed to providing you with the best in motor vehicle maintenance.

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